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infinity panel

Founded in 2010, Infinity New Energy is a rising star of high quality solar modules provider worldwide. It has been striving to become a global solar energy industry second-mover with 500MWs solar panel manufacturing capabilities.

Infinity New Energy is dedicated to providing high quality and cutting-edge solar products to the customers around the world and to improving environmental sustainability, it believes high quality for infinity solar.

It has offices in Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan and export solar products to Western European countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, France etc., Australia, Japan and America.



About 6PB Series 270W

infinity panel


Solar Cells

Multicrystalline 156 x 156mm (60 Cells)


1640 x 992 x 35 mm


18.2 kg



Product Workmanship

12 years

Linear Performance

25 years


Key features:

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